Sunday, 8 January 2012


Well now that all of the festivities are over it is back to work. I mean the creative stuff.
I had a very good Christmas and a nice and quiet New Years eve. Just my husband and me oh and of course our dog Ellie.  About 5 years ago we found our dog Ellie at the local shelter.  She is a mix between a collie and Australian cattle dog. She is very smart and has trained us to take her for a walk every night! And I didn't mention she is very cute. I really don't know why anyone would give her up but it is our gain and their loss.
My son and future daughter in law are busy planning their wedding. We will be making the wedding favours in a couple of weeks. We are making mulled merlot jelly. It is very yummy,so we should have a great time sampling just to get it right.
I have been busy making up new warps for my weaving projects. I will post a couple of pictures of them.
Now I have to get busy and weave more scarves for the coming year.
I used to have 3 weaving looms,but I now have only 1. I sold the large ones to some new weavers.
I have a 24 in. Leclerc floor loom. It is the best loom you could buy.

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